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Fishing in Campeche


Sharing Boat, Room and Airport Rides

3 Nights 2 Days                     $ 1,550


4 Nights 3 Days                     $ 2,100


5 Nights 4 Days                     $ 2,550

6 Nights 5 days                     $ 3,100


7 Nights 6 Days                      $ 3,550       



Sharing Boat, Room and Airport Rides

3 Nights 2 Days                      $ 2,150

4 Nights 3 Days                       $ 2,900

5 Nights 4 Days                       $ 3,300

6 Nights 5 days                       $ 4,000


7 Nights 6 Days                        $ 4,450       





 Check with us by email to to reserve a suitable date for your fishing trip.

 Check with your airline for the dates and times that you have decided to make your fishing trip with us.

 make the corresponding payment by means of the method of your preference to our account that you will receive by means of an email


  • To book a fishing need a 50% down payment of the cost of a fishing package of your choice.


  • The balance must be paid 30 days before the dates of fishing.


  • A contract will be delivered when a fishing.



Lodge owner, Victor, was nice enough to come get my wife and I from 1.5 hours away and bring us to his lodge the night before a one day fishing trip and then feed us a great meal the next afternoon before personally driving us back.  He was very thorough in making sure everything was comfortable and in order and that we were well fed.  It was a bit of a drive to the boat and a long boat ride, but well worthwhile when his guide, Belito, was able to put us on schools of tarpon certainly larger than advertised!  We never saw another fishing boat on this February 2018 trip.



Tim and Mindy C.

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